Monday, January 2, 2012

The Second of

Just a quick late night thing.  Long distance train ride.  Got dehydrated. As a consequence feel ill. The norm for long distance train ride.

Work tomorrow morning, and so bed so I will be functional.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to Our Last Year On Earth

Begin as you mean to continue.  I will blog at least once a day this year.  Even if I'm tired.  Even if I think I have nothing to say.  I will blog every day this year, and, in doing, will learn how to do well.

I will consume more media this year.  By which I primarily mean movies and books, but also TV.  I will consume this media critically, and blog reactions and reviews.

I will, money permitting, see more plays.  One a month would be fantastic, but is unrealistic, so say three in the year.

I will get a novel written.  By the end of January, I will have a plan for the Whitethorn novel.  By the end of Feb, I will have twenty thousand words of draft.

I will get fit and/ or start regularly attending gym.

That's all, I think.