Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Open Letter to My Brother

TW: talking about rape, and rape culture

OK Surfer,

I wanted to tell you why I didn’t like the last short film you pitched to me, and I’m doing it in writing because it’s easier to marshal my ideas when I can see the words and edit them if necessary.

Advance Warning: this is difficult to write, and will probably be difficult to read but please don’t give up.  This is isn’t a personal attack, just some things I think you should think about.  It can only improve your writing.

Next verse, same as first...

So I'm doing that thing I do periodically where I decide to blog more often.  The book project sort or died - The Looking Glass Wars was... not a very good book, and then half way through Villette I was given new books and, well, there went that.