Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ah, Work

At the moment I have nothing else to talk about, and so: this weeks bitchiest customer at [Restaurant].

Customer at Table M has been catty to us all night, let's call her Snob, for reasons which shall become obvious.

Snob: Excuse me, but we're finished with this cake, and we just thought the Staff might want it.

(Now, we have been given cake before, but something about her manner seemed off.)

Me: Oh, ah, thanks ma'am but that's ok really...

Snob: No. Really it's quite tasty, we just thought The Staff might appreciate it.

Me: Well, thanks ma'am... *I take the cake, feeling like a peasant being given the scraps from The Lords table. Snob gives me a filthy look, like I'm not being grateful enough.* I'm sure we'll all enjoy this.

As I later remarked to AmericanR, it's the first time someone has managed to insult me by giving me cake...

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