Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, I'm back in the land down under. It's good to be home, even if I do miss China. I definitely don't miss the Great Firewall.

I'm with my parents at the moment. It's great, because I am Lady Muck, but 12 hours is a bit too long a commute. Thankfully I have found a flat in Sydney. It isn't my ideal flat, but it is a roof over my head, and that's the main thing. Now it is just arranging a mover, which I can't do until I know everything I'm taking down, which I can't do til my flatmate measures the room which will be my study.

I have the sneaking suspicions that Ikea will feature in the future.

I also told my parents about this blog. I feel that this may have been a mistake. Well, Mum, Dad, if you see me bitching on this blog, tough noogies.

My laptop is broken, and the new battery and power cord are on the way. Of course, this has added to my feeling that everything is happening at once. I hope things calm down once I'm back at Uni. And I've moved into the new flat properly.

Hoprefully, I'll soon rediscover coherence. I have lots of thinky thoughts just begging to made into blog posts.

But that's later.

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